September 21st, 2013


Blurt 1

I guess since no one's reading that anymore I won't do much harm by writing this down here.

Damn how lucky I was to forget the movie I loved... completely! And happened to watch it again. I think this happens once in a lifetime. Okay, maybe more often, but still that feeling is awesome. What can be better than discovering the same thing twice? I felt the full scale of emotions, I was caught off guard by the ending, how's that possible when things like that usually revive themselves as soon as you recognize the movie?

It happens when someone mentions a very good movie and you say you didn't see it, and his next phrase would be "Omg, you've missed so much!". But I know someone who says "Man, I envy you. Seriously. You're gonna see it for the first time!". And damn she is right, but there are exceptions.